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PREPARE FOR HURRICANE SEASON. The hurricane season are seen to peak during the rainy period. There are many individuals who have seen and experienced hurricane happenings, yet there are also those people who have not really encountered it at all, especially the ones living on the coasts – still it is best to always be prepared. Numerous places have seen and experienced the devastating effects that hurricanes and heavy rainstorms can bring, but as is often the case, more can be expected coming years. Hence, it would be prudent to always be prepared and ready for anything. It is common knowledge that hurricanes are often combined with strong winds and rains, thus the coming up of this tempest season makes it all the more vital to know the different ways and means of planning and preparing ahead of time.
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Firstly, do not overlook the importance of transportation so take note that your vehicle’s tank is always full and has undergone maintenance and checkup. Additionally, take note that you have enough bills and change available should such a situation arise, smaller bills would come in handy since, after such a tempest, change of bills may be difficult to find. Also, high winds and torrential rains will flood your yard or garden so do not leave anything outside unless they are really meant to be placed there. This includes the likes of pieces and things from your porch or front yard, pets, junk and other types of gears, plants and even toys.
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Fourthly, make sure that you have enough water for everyone in the family for no less than a couple of days, a gallon each daily if possible. Once the tempest subsides, there are outlets wherein you can purchase safe drinking water so make sure to stack up a lot, who knows if they might run out of supply tomorrow or the following day and rescue is still not yet available. If you can too, have containers filled with food for such an emergency, ready and available at hand. The fifth thing would be to secure any furniture that could be torn or carried about in high winds as these can also pose problems and difficulties. As a final point, it is best to stay indoors when all the disturbance is going on around you – it is the safest and wisest option possible. Try to be to abreast with what is happening outside without necessarily venturing out in the open, just use your television or radio if possible. Also, be mindful that after the tempest has subsided, make sure to have an indoor air quality testing done to your home so you can be totally safe. It would also be advisable to report any floors or destruction done to your property for quick repair and maintenance as time would permit. Also, meet with the rest of the family and talk about the dangers that can be expected during and after a hurricane occurrence.

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