postheadericon The Best Wedding Gifts for Couples That Didn’t Register

There are lots of reasons why a couple may not register for their big day. Some say they don’t really need anything. Others may hope this encourages guests to give cash. Whatever the reason, there are still ways to offer up the best wedding gifts, even if a couple hasn’t made the task easy.

Monogrammed Items

If it’s important to actually have a present for the couple to unwrap, monogrammed items for the home are a great idea. Include the couple’s initials, their new last name, or even the simple addition or Mr. and Mrs. on objects to be placed in their home. Pillowcases, sheets, kitchen towels and bathroom towels can all be monogrammed to add a little something extra to the gift. Because the couple didn’t register, it might be tough to go with any bright colors. Instead, choose something neutral that will blend in with their home.

Fun Activity

Why not offer up an activity for the happy couple to enjoy together? A gift doesn’t need to be something they can physically unwrap. Instead, consider purchasing cooking lessons, dance lessons, or a trip up in a hot air balloon. Each of these things can give the new couple a chance to spend time together in a fun and different way. It’s like giving out a date night or multiple date nights for when the couple returns from their honeymoon. Make the purchase but be sure to leave things open so the couple can choose the best dates and times to redeem the gift.

Personalized Art

Without a registry, it can be tough to know what type of art would fit in with a couple’s current decor. Instead of looking for photos or paintings, consider incorporating the happy couple into the art. Choose from pieces that take their picture and add special details to set it apart from the rest. Look for items that use their names in a way that brings in some color and style. In addition to being something interesting, it’s a great memento for the couple. They may have the item for the rest of their lives and use it as a reminder of their big day together.

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