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Simple Hacks to Campfire Cooking It has never been easy for the first timers to get it right when it comes to cooking at the camp. One as a result, would need to make sure that he or she figures out what exactly to do for him or her to get it right even when it is for his or her first time. It would be unfortunate where one was at the campsite, is unable to hack around cooking with the campfire, and could not access a hotel, a fast food outlet, or even a supermarket. As a matter of facts, a good number of people have regretted going for a campfire where they ended up messing up due to lack of enough preparation. As a result, one would need to make sure that he or she gets it right when it comes to campfire cooking. Make sure that you pack foods that can easily be cooked on the campfire. Think of hot dogs and marshmallows, chicken among other foods that can be grilled easily. Where possible, avoid utensils with plastic handles due to the fact that the fire may be hard to control. One would also need to ensure that he or she takes with him an aluminum handle to avoid burning his or her hands while getting the pans in and out of fire. Depending on the weather, one may have to carry his or her own firewood especially where it is on a rainy season. Remember to carry sand or water to put out the fire after use. The first thing you do when you reach the campsite is to ensure that you figure out where to safely light the fire. It is essential to have a fire at a place that may end up messing the whole place. It is also essential to light the fire away from trees. By twilight, everything should be set. Dig up a place or search for stones to make a fire place. Where you did not carry firewood, let every member of the family assist in collection of the wood. Make sure to involve each and every member of the family after which you can start cooking using a moderate fire such that you don’t end up losing your food in the fire.
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After the food is ready, make sure to pack back any unutilized food back to the travelers’ freezer or fridge. Make sure that you pack all the uncooked food well to make sure that it does not end up causing food poisoning on the following day. After you have eaten, danced around the fire, told stories and finished with everything, use the sand or the water you carried to put out the fire.How I Became An Expert on Activities

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