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Some Wedding Favor Ideas To Try

Are you thinking of something different for your wedding favors? With the number of weddings you have been to, how many of the newlyweds have used tin of mints, bubbles or a shot glass that’s engraved with hearts as their favors? It would not hurt to try considering doing something that is a little bit different as you are preparing for your own wedding. Here are some unique wedding ideas that can bring a different atmosphere to your wedding.

Tip number 1. Go with something that’s edible – despite the fact that cookies and chocolates aren’t uncommon wedding favor ideas, you may actually personalize these gifts, which makes them one of a kind. Try ordering some chocolate candies with your last initials engraved in it.

Tip number 2. Have the centerpieces do a double purpose – invite your guests to take your fresh flower arrangements home or picture frames on the table holding prints of the happy couple. Additionally, you can emboss candleholders so by that, they may be used both as favors as well as centerpieces.

Tip number 3. Be practical – not just because it looks practical, it means that it will bore people. Today, technology allowed for unlimited possibilities when it comes to personalization and your wedding is not an exception. Actually small, fragrant soap bars may be etched with wedding details, you can use luggage tags both as favors and setting cards, let your guests set their drinks on set of coasters that they can bring home at the end of the event while other ideas include salt and pepper shakers, playing cards, golf balls as well as personalized pens.

Tip number 4. Try to go random – surely, your guests will appreciate your fun loving spirit the moment they see that you’ve made them a CD together with your favorite songs as part of your wedding theme. Many of your guests will probably be thrilled as well in seeing that you’ve left a lotto ticket at every place setting. Whether you believe it or not, these said ideas are not only exciting for the guests but they are additionally an inexpensive move for the newlyweds.

With a touch of creativity as well as willingness to consider wedding decoration ideas and favors that others haven’t considered as being unusual and quirky, you can send your guests home with unique and unforgettable favors that will always remind them of you and the fun they had in your wedding. It is not like everything you can bring home something that’ll remind them of you, so it’s all worth it to give your best.

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